Never.  Stop.  Exploring.


Hong Kong based photographer working with landscape, travel, portraiture & lifestyle photography.

Veronica Lam graduated with a degree in Statistics from University of Reading, U.K., but has always been passionate about Photography. Interested in a broad spectrum of the arts, she has been working on various creative collaboration projects ranging from artistic direction, design and graphics in the music industry to charitable art events in notable nonprofit organizations. In 2016, Veronica created a publication project and sell-out photo exhibition “A Book About Lives” to share the memorable life stories of the patients and students under Yan Chai Hospital services through her artistic lens collaborating with local illustrators to bring to the fore important social and current issues of society. In the year prior, she also held a photo exhibition “Whimsy” at PMQ with painter, Milo Tse and poet, Cherry Rao.

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